GRAN TANQUE DE INGENIERÍA MARÍTIMA DE CANTABRIA CANTABRIA COASTAL AND OCEAN BASIN   COMPETITIVE OPEN ACCESS GENERAL RULES AND CONDITIONS   Summary of General Rules and Conditions   The following is a summary of the rules, conditions and eligibility governing visits to the Gran Tanque de Ingeniería Marítima de Cantabria‐Cantabria Coastal and Ocean Basin (GTIMC‐CCOB).

  1. The GTIMC‐CCOB has agreed with MINECO to provide Competitive Open Access for eligible researchers and technology developers (“Users”).


  1. Competitive Open Access to the installation is open to national and international Users from public or private entities irrespective of their nationality or discipline and based solely on the scientific‐technical quality of the proposals


  1. Competitive Open Access to GTIM‐CCOB can be provided under two different categories:


  1. Provided free of charge to the Users in the frame of Open Calls for Supported Access funded by national or international entities (Funding Entity) directly to GTIMC‐


  1. Funded directly by Users in the frame of their own granted competitive national or international R&D

Depending on the category of access, particular rules and conditions may differ. Specific conditions made explicit by the Supported Access Funding Entity will be announced in the corresponding calls published in the installation web page.

  1. The Competitive Open Access includes the following experimental facilities: the Deep and Shallow Large Basin (waves, currents and wind), the Tsunami‐Wave‐Current Large Flume and the numerical mirrors of said experimental


  1. Additional access to other facilities part of the installation can be provided as a supplementary service to the Competitive Open Access under Article 4 if Access conditions to these additional services will be discussed with the Users on a case‐by‐case basis.


  1. Access to the GTIMC‐CCOB includes all infrastructural, logistical, technical and scientific support necessary to guarantee the successful execution of the experimental


  1. Competitive Open Access calls will be made yearly on the GTIM‐CCOB web page for both access Calls will include the evaluation criteria as well as specific requirements by Category A Funding Entities.


  1. Proposals should be submitted using the form that can be downloaded from the web


  1. For Users under Competitive Open Access Category A, an international Access Selection Panel will select proposals on the basis of scientific and technical merit through an independent peer review Priority will be given to Users who have not previously used the installations and User groups who are working in countries where no such installations exist. The final ranking of eligible proposals shall promote the diversity of disciplines and experimental procedures.


  1. For Users under Competitive Open Access Category B and consequently already subject to an external peer review process, the Access Selection Panel will rank the proposals according to technical feasibility and the promotion of diversity of disciplines and experimental


  1. Meetings of the Users will be organized if required at the GTIMC‐CCOB prior to the access period to help making the access project a


  1. Users shall sign an Open Access Agreement including but not limited to: access duration, experimental setup description, instrumentation needs, data management and storage plan, list of participants in the research team and acceptance of the working practice and liability


  1. Users shall abide by the normal working practices, working hours, and health and safety regulations of the GTIMC‐CCOB while present on the


  1. The GTIMC‐CCOB shall incur no liability in respect of any claim that may arise from the use of the GTIMC‐ CCOB under this The presence of Users in the GTIMC‐CCOB occurs under the conditions included in the Agreement to be signed according to Article 12 and the specific conditions described in Article 15.


  1. Neither the personnel of the GTIMC‐CCOB nor the Fundación Instituto de Hidráulica Ambiental itself accept liability for the damage or loss of any instruments, apparatus and test equipment of the Users whether or not such damage or loss was caused directly or indirectly by their Each visiting user will ensure he/she has an appropriate insurance, including personal health, accident cover and personal liability.


  1. Successful proposals will not usually commence occupancy of the installation earlier than three months after the closing date of applications, to allow time for the review procedure and the scheduling of the


  1. GTIMC‐CCOB will provide office and meeting space to the Users during their presence in the


  1. At the end of their occupancy of the GTIMC‐CCOB, all Users shall sign a record of presence at the GTIMC‐ CCOB, giving their nationality, their place of work, date of birth, contact details, and the duration of access to the GTIMC‐


  1. Users will provide an executive summary of the experimental work carried out during the occupancy of the installation for the records of the GTIMC‐


  1. In the case of Competitive Open Access, Category B, the knowledge and all data resulting from the use of the installations is the property of the


  1. As a public experimental installation, GTIMC‐CCOB will pursue reaching the necessary agreements with the Users under Category B to make the experimental data available to the general research community their conditions and

Additional rules for Supported Competitive Open Access, Category A:

  1. Users granted access to the GTIMC‐CCOB under this Category must also comply with all the rules included in the Open Call by the Funding


  1. Users should draft a data storage plan prior to the This plan will explain in detail how the data will be stored in such a way that researchers and developers outside the user group can make use of it.


  1. In the case of Supported Competitive Open Access, Category A, the GTIMC‐CCOB shall, on a royalty‐free basis, grant to Users non‐exclusive licenses and user rights concerning Foreground Information to the extent necessary for the execution of their own research and development Foreground Information means all information generated by the GTIMC‐CCOB, or a third party working for it, during the performance of the project.


  1. Users must provide a written report, conforming with rules specified by the Funding Entity, at the end of their These reports will be submitted by the GTIMC‐CCOB to the Funding Entity as annual or final reports, and may be published by the Funding Entity.


  1. Unless otherwise indicated by the Funding Entity, a data report or descriptive report, including experimental set‐up, program of experiments, the data collected within the project and detailed explanation of data storage, must be submitted to the GTIMC‐CCOB before An executive summary of the analysis of the results of the research must be published on the GTIMC‐CCOB webpage as well as in peer review publications. The time schedule regarding a data report and first publication will be agreed upon between the Users and the GTIMC‐CCOB, before the Access period starts.


  1. GTIMC‐CCOB will storage the raw data in its data management system providing open access to third researchers once the conditions under Article 28 have been


  1. The knowledge and all data resulting from the use of the GTIMC‐CCOB Category A Access is the property of the Users, with the following limitations on their property rights:


  • All collected data, publications and reports must be send by the Users to the facility manager of the GTIMC‐CCOB immediately after completion;


  • All collected data should be made available to other researchers according to the rules established by the Funding Entity, but not before two years after the last experiment;


  • The User will have the first right of publication within a period of two years after the last


  • Users must acknowledge in their publications that their work was financially supported by the Funding Entity and that the experimental work was carried out in the GTIMC‐CCOB using the formula provided ad hoc by the


  • If the User fails to publish the results within two years after the last experiment, the GTIMC‐CCOB will ensure that the knowledge is


  • The co‐operation of the Users is mandatory if the GTIMC‐CCOB takes the initiative to prepare a joint